About Us

About Us

Natural juices have existed since the existence of fruits.We’ve just coordinated the steps with nature, with intention of placing health in your homes, kindergartens and schools.

We often tell consumers that the quality and beautiful taste of our naturally pressed juices is not a result of our production, but it’s simply nature’s gift to us.

For this purpose we created the ARONI brand, recognizable for its quality natural juices. ARONI juices are 100% fruit juices pressed in special presses and pasteurized, without adding of sugar, water, preservatives, artificial colors or aromatics.

Aroni Juices

ARONI’s juices are full of vitamins, minerals and natural fiber, which have an important role in our organism. They’re filled with high dose of antioxidants that strengthen our body’s defensive system.

The production is located in the beautiful Lesok region in the base of Sar Mountain.

We use apples from Prespa region, grown at 850m above the sea level with recognizable taste and quality. Besides the apple juice, we’re also recognizable for production of organic aronia (aroniaberries), grown on the slopes of the Beautiful Shara.